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Re: Background story questions (SPOILER ALERT!)
« on: December 30, 2011, 06:15:11 am »
Hey! Ive got a few questions of my own and have played through throughly all the way to chapter 6 and part chp 7 so forgive if my questions are answered:

1. As said before both fradz and phodom realise they cant beat Talloon an "emerald dragon". Considering they seem fairly powerful, 4th and 3rd rank respectively, how did humanity ever beat the dragons in the war? They seem too powerful, was it numbers, surprise at being turned on or was it like they wanted to 'seem' to lose?
2. Who killed the first dragon? Was it Noctoriah? How powerful and influential was noctoriah in the war? What major roles did he play, we dont learn much about him.
3. Is Zylcious a god dragon? Is he the strongest being in the game, can he be killed?
4. What are the attributes, strengths, weaknesses etc... and different races of all the dragons.
5. Do all dragons have immense power like the chapter 6 boss, zylcious, the other dragon in the ch6 cinematic, talloon, xvareon? Or are these just the cream of the crop with the rest far weaker in strength.
6. What power does zylcious hold over fradz? Is it why he is so... nuts?
7. How many races did the dragons experiment on and create to fill the potential slave role? Will these races play a more active part in the campaign as they probably have reason to DISLIKE dragons?
8. Why are death knights so powerful?
9. Why can some people become dragon slayers and others not? Is it just as simple as some people are born with power and others aren't? Training has no say in this?
10. Whats fradz backstory?
11. Whats the deal with siluze?
12. Why does zylcious order the death of fradz and then let him live and go on with the other chosen ones, why doesnt he just kill them all?
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