Author Topic: Background story questions (SPOILER ALERT!)  (Read 1156 times)


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Re: Background story questions (SPOILER ALERT!)
« on: December 29, 2011, 09:31:21 am »
This thread seems to be so active and you guys are so thirsty maybe I should do a thread about answer to story questions...? This thread's purpose was just get some questions...

Okay, good ones. So I'm not sure if you want anwers now or what. My original plan was to ask some question so that all the mysteries will be answered in the campaign.

If a man cannot defeat an elemental dragon , how did Zeneman succeded in beating Talloon?
Where did you get this? I mean especially the elemental dragon part?
Fradz and Phodom are 2 imba guys yet they recognize they can't beat Talloon.

Oh yea I get it. Phodom and Fradz beat Talloon(in his human form) just like Zeemnan. I have never said Zeemnan beat him while he was a dragon.

And by the way Talloon is "Emerald Dragon".

Quote from: Chimto
He had a dual personality very similar to Dr Jekyll in Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. One day, while his evil side was in control, he killed an entire garrison of troops, and when his good side took over, he can't believe what he did, and ran away. His good side was apparently destroyed when Zylcious made him a Death Knight.
Yea something like that but the story goes a lot deeper than this. I've written a whole story of this...

EDIT: From what items I should create stories?
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