Author Topic: Background story questions (SPOILER ALERT!)  (Read 1156 times)


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Re: Background story questions
« on: December 29, 2011, 07:15:27 am »
There are actually 6. All of the characters in the Man of Mystery cinematic (ch7), save for Zylcious, are death knights.
I am refering to the scene where Uummut and Zylcious freed Galeoth. Not what you are thinking.

Guess it won't hurt me to ask a few questions. :D
  • The fusion between Fradz dragon and Fradz human. What exactly happened ?
  • Zylcious' scheme. What is his plan ?
  • Uuumut's fall-from-grace. How did he get transformed to a Death Knight in the first place ?
  • Who is Lavareon ?
  • The exact chronicle of the Great War ?
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