Author Topic: Background story questions (SPOILER ALERT!)  (Read 1156 times)


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Re: Background story questions
« on: December 29, 2011, 02:55:29 am »
Who is exactly Zeneman(if that's his name)?
Why is Fradz in rivality with Tharo?
Is Xvareon the strongest dragon?
If a man cannot defeat an elemental dragon , how did Zeneman succeded in beating Talloon?
How old is Zeneman?
What happened to the first ruler of Kar'gath?
How come Galeoth was freed by 2 death knights?
What about espers?
Are they stronger then dragons?
Can a dragon have an esper?
Are the Death Knights in rivality with the dragons?(or the humans?)
What is the meaning of the Death Knights?
Are Death Knights fallen dragon slayers?
How come the orcs are that strong in this campaign?