Author Topic: Final countdown to chapter 9  (Read 2787 times)


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Re: Final countdown to chapter 9
« Reply #15 on: March 12, 2013, 08:22:25 am »
I've answered via e-mail. Tried to kill it again - and still got the same problems. Maybe Hamza got some useful hints about it? My problem was still about the wisps-healing. I suppose that this Boss has to be nerfed, I wrote you my suggestions about it via e-mail. But it is only reasonable if Hamza got the same problem with it. You've mentioned that you have got some @cheat list to test the rest@ - it would be useful if you could send it via e-mail also, because for now my testing stucked on the Obelisk :-\

By the way - the storyline and a new-stealing concept is great. Pretty sure that Ch.9 has got some epic moments further. For all those who is waitng for the realese - the waiting worth it, the amount of Aero's work more than impressed me!!!
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