Author Topic: Final countdown to chapter 9  (Read 2787 times)


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Re: Final countdown to chapter 9
« Reply #15 on: March 10, 2013, 11:13:54 am »
You and Hamza. We don't need a big list of testers. We'll get a lot of testers when the version is released.

10.3.2013: I did a few crucial changes to the Epic Boss of chapter 9 and that's why things got delayed. The official site is having some serious problem with our new host and we're thinking with Xarwin to change the host. We gave them one last chance to fix things. Hopefully today everything is ready and I can give the campaign to other testers. If so, I believe in three day the next version is released.

Also I'm proud to say the the campaign screen is done and it will also also be released in the next version.

Just say when to start and how will you upload it ::)
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