Author Topic: Create your own "Strategy Pack"!  (Read 514 times)


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Re: Create your own "Strategy Pack"!
« on: July 25, 2014, 10:22:27 pm »
  • Pack name: Survival in First Place
  • Creator name: Shinokyofu
  • Don't have a clue of what I was supposed to put here...
  • Phodom abilities: Blazing Fury, Impact Flare, Colossal Slam, Aura of Fire, Heaven's Bless and Phoenix Combo
  • Fradz abilities: Sword Dance, Scissor Stab, Invisible Strike, High Strike, Blessing of Lighting and Teleport Strike
  • Galeoth Abilities: Seal of Ressurrection, Magical Hammer, Mesmerizing Ice Crystal, Chill of the Frost Master, Inner Light and Frozen Storm
  • Phodom item: Holy Cross
  • Fradz item: Sword of Haste
  • Galeoth item: The Opportunist
  • Phodom Combat Kings: 2 Parry, 2 Rage, 1 Ressurrection
  • Fradz Combat Kings: 2 Siphon Life, Rage, 2 Ressurection
  • Galeoth Combat Kings: 1 Magic Torment, 2 Trace, 2 Ressurrection
  • ---
  • Basic Button: For players that need to stay alive no matter what. Focused on healing spells and revival spells. There's also some stunning skills to give you even more survival chances.
  • Icons: Sorry, no time for that...
  • Phodom: Phodom's main fuctions are tanking and giving off blessings. At the start, you should give more attention to his damage also, but not that much after meeting Fradz and Galeoth.
  • Fradz: Even though Fradz has a healing/support skill and you MUST use it whenever is necessary, his main function is dealing lots of damage while trying to survive.
  • Galeoth: Healing. Yes, he has damage skills, and yes, they must be used since they're magic damage (pretty good against high armor enemies), but he has to focus on healing always.

Aero, your way of organizing the "structure" of the post made me think that I don't have to limit myself with the already existante "starter packs", so I turned on my "whatever" :). Oh, and this is just my prototype (I think the pack itself is good, but my explanation and such is kind bad right now...)
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