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Re: What is your favorite character?
« Reply #15 on: May 10, 2013, 09:22:20 pm »
No, I didn't run out of characters, I just wasn't in the mood to post more ::)

Here we go!

Ha! A smaller image now!

Plain, simple anime guy and yet a really good character for me. He's Kyon from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. His true name wasn't given in any part of the series(neither the anime and the novel), so he's called Kyon.

Why do I like him?

...Beats me. Actually, I like him for his situation. A "so normal" human being in a "not normal at all" situation. But I guess I like him for some reasons.

1. His ability of reasoning is pretty amazing. Nothing out of the normal, but he's quite intelligent. He's kind of cold when it comes to surprises or unnatural situations. Of course, he can't manage a death-life situation with that face in the image, he's a normal human after all.

2. Ah, the irony. Nothing really special or complicated, but he's good with irony. I mean, since the novel happens around his perspective, we can often see what he's thinking. I'm not really a big fan of irony, but a good one always make me laugh [-). The comedy in the novel(and anime) is pretty much more than half(in my opinion almost all) of it made of his comments and thoughts.

3. In a situation that he can't change, Kyon pities himself while comparing his situation with some mistake a big idiot(him) made. Something like: "A situation of some idiot who pushed a big red button that clearly had 'Don't Push' written all over it, and then started a time bomb. This idiot now has to carry the bomb all the time while waiting for it to explode, but it doesn't have a timer, so he doesn't know when it'll happen. He can't dispose of it either, because he can't find a proper place to do so, what's more, the bomb is glued in his hands with super glue. And the worst thing is, it isn't known what will happen when it explodes. Perphaps the world will come to an end, perphaps it is just some kid's toy and nothing will happen it all. The idiot is me, the bomb is Suzumiya, and who knows what will happen...". Some other comparisons are also made.

4. A simple, yet mysterious character. Even if he's, in theory, plain and normal, no one knows much about him. No one in the story actually knows why he's in a such ridiculous situation while he is only a normal human being(in fact, some actually know why, but don't know the explanation for it). Neither his name nor much of his past are revealed. Yet, such a normal person wouldn't have a epic or sad history to tell. In fact, he probably don't talk much about his past because he doesn't think it's really worthy telling it.

5. He has a weird general knowledge, making some random references to famous(or not that much) people or facts in history. It's not like he has a ridiculous amount of knowledge...I would say that he does his homework [-). Perphaps for this reason and some others, he doesn't really believe in anything. He also has cultural, religious and some other knowledge in the area, but he doesn't(didn't) really believe in gods, aliens, monsters, unnatural and not normal things. It's almost looks like the world is making fun of him, since he's situation would be, for many other people and also himself, unbelieveable.

Like I said, I don't have much complaints of him, and I really think his situation is pretty amazing, so I decided to put him here. A epic and amazing character? Not at all, but he's a good character for many reasons.
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