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Re: What is your favorite character?
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One of my favourites: Ser Davos Seaworth, a smuggler, turned knight, turned Admiral, Lord, and Hand of the King, from A Song of Ice and Fire.

When you read A Game of Thrones, you'll easily find Eddard Stark as the centre of everything, and his honourable personality is reminiscent of typical fantasy heroes. And around 3/4 of AGoT, he dies like a wretch, executed by a petty brat of a king who thinks that killing him in front of a huge crowd will make him look 'tough'.

In A Clash of Kings, I quickly found Davos a perfect replacement for Eddard, and even moreso since he does not ascribe to honour so heedlessly and is not unaware of the dangers around him (like Eddard).

Despite his past as a lowborn smuggling pirate, he is one of the few truly honest men in Westeros. Rarely have I seen an 'everyman' character written so well or so lovingly. His chapters are unassuming, humble, and more moving than most, IMO. He only has to mention his wife and family once or twice and you already get a sense of his love for them: a proud father and a loving husband.

He's a nice guy to an impressive degree. When his king's former Hand (and his predecessor) is thrown into the dungeon for treason, Davos tries to defend the man and point out his good intentions so the king wouldn't kill him.

However, he's not blindly loyal to his king as usually perceived by most people, as when he has a boy smuggled out of the capital to save him from being burned alive as a sacrifice.

He never sweetens his words, even in situations where it would benefit him.

In the Crapsack World of Westeros, he is one of the two people whose moral compass does not get in the way and get them killed.
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