Author Topic: What are your first thoughts of name "Gheiz"?  (Read 1689 times)


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Re: What are your first thoughts of name "Gheiz"?
« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2013, 10:44:08 pm »
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Now this is where I have a lot of fun.

What you are referring to, is not actually against the rules of the forum. You are talking more about a general code of conduct. Which is to be used everywhere.

However, if something is keeping someone under pressure out of fear of judgement; That is on the line for breaking a rule. While it can be considered unfriendly by one person, it can be considered another view point from another person.

So for an example, say I were to criticize people for misspelling words, or using improper punctuation, a lot of people would considered that unfriendly. Where as from my point of view, I would be trying to help those people fix their mistakes and better their writing. There could be others that see it from my point of view as well, but there wouldn't be many.

And so now, if you were to report me for my criticization*1, I could turn that onto you for being unfriendly. That could be done because now you are singling me out, and "falsely accusing" me.

Now we both are in trouble, and there is more on you than there is on me. Because now, not only are you being unfriendly, you are also attacking me. However, this is just from my point of view. From your point of view, you are wondering what you have done wrong, and are trying to defend yourself.

Because these types of things are on the line of going against the rules, they are hard for moderators and admins to judge.

Now with the fun part out of the way, the solution(s).

My favorite solution one could take to resolve this matter, is to send a private message to the person that is causing the pressure. Ask them kindly to rephrase the way they criticize. And repeat this up to three times total. After that, you take it to a moderator and then let them handle it. If it still continues, you would talk to the same moderator again about it, and discus what to do from there. It should never become public unless the moderator(s) or admin makes it public.

Another thing that one could do, is learn to ignore it/not let it bother you. If for what ever reason you cannot do this, then either try talking to the person, or go to a moderator.

The final solution would be to take it straight to a moderator.

Now, I would like to note, that these are solution I've seen work out for the best of everyone. And as you can see, for the most part, the problem never goes public unless someone of higher authority brings it to the public.

That actually benefits both parties. The party causing the pressure, isn't singled out, and "hated" by the rest of the community, and the party receiving the pressure, gets it resolved, usually fairly quickly and generally with no repercussions*2.

A side-note. The example you gave, is how life is when you get into the U.S.A. Military. So, in my opinion it is not a very good example.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand that you're talking about it being more like, the person shouting isn't trying to improve you, but just wants you to stay in line and follow the rules so they don't have to deal with you.

However, there is always at least two sides to everything. So for you example, the person shouting is trying to improve you, and help you become the individual you signed up to become. Or even if it is a person such as parents, they are raising to, they could be trying to raise you to be proper, well behaved, and so on.

But again, at the same time, they could just not what to deal with you. And if it is someone else, such as a random person in the street, why should it bother you? They have no authority over you. And the same can be side for them, you do not have authority over them, so you should not be telling them how to live.

*1: This is more of a note to the moderators/admin(s) This word is considered incorrect, even though it is a correct word and spelled correctly.
*2: The normal repercussions are getting attacked more, and getting singled out by other members.

Sorry that it is long. Like I said at the start, this is the kind of thing I have fun with. I love dealing with things that are "on the line", because they vary so greatly depending on the person. Why I love dealing with them, is because to me, it is a puzzle, and I'm trying to find that center line. The kind of line that is so crystal clear, that it cannot be misunderstood.
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