Author Topic: What are your first thoughts of name "Gheiz"?  (Read 1689 times)


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Re: What are your first thoughts of name "Gheiz"?
« Reply #15 on: April 29, 2013, 09:28:28 pm »
Sorry for the misunderstanding :)

Can I haz one cheeky post to explain myself? Explaining leads to explaining just like megma said :D

It was referring to Jael, there is nothing wrong with your post Shin at all. You're free to explain yourself to avoid misunderstandings I was just pointing out that normally people don't explain themselves like that, because they know their fellow members of the forum will be nice and understanding even if they post something daft. The fact that you did explain yourself suggests you're feeling under pressure and want to avoid anyone attacking your post. Why do I care? Because people shouldn't be under that kind of pressure, its unhealthy and affects your enjoyment of using forums. Imagine if for example all the time you had to be really careful not to put a toe out of line because you were afraid someone would shout at you? Fun life right?

I admit I don't know much I've only seen a few posts, maybe Jael is an awesome funny joking guy. From what I saw he just seems to be attacking people randomly and it looked out of order to me. Criticism is not a problem, making jokes is not a problem, you've seen his posts so you know if he is always like this or if I've only seen the bad posts. But IF this has got to point where he is making people feel under pressure to not give him an excuse to attack their posts, then frankly you need to do something. It's the mods job to ensure the forum is a friendly, productive place to relax and IF people are upsetting that you gotta take action. And don't worry that's not abusing mod powers, that's protecting the forum from people who will (whether they realise or not) ruin it.

So if you ever feel like for example you are having to take extra special care with your spelling or punctuation or grammar (or anything) because you feel someone is gonna shout at you, there is something wrong with the atmosphere and it needs fixing!