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Re: Did you know?
« on: May 23, 2013, 01:50:24 am »
Secondly, there are already many topics completly related to the campaign in another forums besides the Off-Topic. Yet, if you think something is missing, you can always create a new topic.

Thirdly, the essence of Off-Topic is: Let's NOT talk about the campaign or, at least, not in a direct way.
Yes you are right. Lets not spoil the essence of off- topic. & I'll make new topic when I'll find lots of ''did you know'' stuff from campaign.

Fourthly: A "Did you know..." about the campaign would be a spoiler thread basically. Besides, you should have, in theory, complete knowledge about everything in the campaign once it's complete. You just have to play it.

For example, "Did you know that Galeoth is gay?". Perphaps he is(not that I know), but since it's not revealed until ch. 10 we don't know. Aero would be the only one that could post also, since he's the one that knows the story. And to talk about the story of the campaign that we, the players, know it's completly unnecessary since we, in theory, should know all of it :P.
No no, its not necessary that you should have in theory, complete knowledge. about campaign, its like you can post any thing funny or strange or anything Which is not related to game play. But still you want to share it or draw attention of players on something.

For example-did you know that you can get a nice animation on your hero.

"And what about 'did you knows' that weren't shown in the campaign?" Again, only Aero would post something :P. And I think that would be really wrong :(.
What about it..? I mean All things which are not shown in the campaign are ''did you know'', as no one knows about them. & I think its good to learn about some of those things, but its not right place.