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Re: Did you know?
« on: May 22, 2013, 03:59:02 pm »
The idea of this topic is to reveal something you haven't revealed of yourself before.

I start:

Did you know that I have met a Serbian friend in internet and he came one day to Finland and we met. We've played for many years Warcraft 3 and so we did once again at my house. He was an awesome guy and invited me to Serbian which I haven't yet done.
ok lets make topic also related to game ..? I Mean i don't see so much active members..& there are some member who just visit site for campaign related stuff. & there are some people like me who don't like to share some ''did you know'' about them.. ::)
That's why i think that campaign related ''did you know'' or ''do you knows'' should also be posted..this topic should not be restricted just to personal ''did you know''
& btw the ones who like to tell personal ''did you know'' are always welcome. So what do you think..?