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Re: Confederation Cup
« on: June 26, 2013, 03:20:47 pm »
Brazil is very known as a "beautiful country" especially if you focus on Rio de Janeiro the "Marvelous City" or whatever it's called by the other countries. This is not true at all  :P. If you are thinking to visit Brazil because of the World Cup, think twice. This is for your sake mainly, because many tourists are getting stolen and in danger, because our security also sucks.

I like to think that no-one would recommend foreigners to visit their country. Why? Well, if we live on some certain place for years, we'll eventually grow tired of it. For instance, I'd say that although we have a quite good social security here in Finland, there's NOTHING to see here; which is kinda the opposite to Brazil where there's lots to see and plenty to be pickpocketed.

But God did bless us one perfect continent to visit; North America, and therein the States. Ah, flame me or not, but I'm very much into Americanism. There's a little bit of all countries in the world there, on different states. That can't possibly go wrong... ;p

Alright back to work.