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Re: Confederation Cup
« on: June 26, 2013, 08:39:58 am »
Well... If this football cup thing is about spending money on something that's not really benefitting the average worker, then it's kinda like the Luxor of Las Vegas; an eye-candy black pyramid that's in fact a luxurious hotel. But how does it benefit a person who's just trying to earn a basic living? Not in any way at all.

Hopefully this cleared it up... And hope I got this thing right.

Perfectly right :P. And here I thought that I already could understand you almost 100%. Ah...I need more training.

Yeah, that's what happening here. The government is using billions and billions to make stadiums and to fill their pockets (pocket money...Haaaaaa  :D :D!) while most brazilian people (that are something like average poor) are getting more dumb and dying, because there isn't good public schools and hospitals here.

Brazil is very known as a "beautiful country" especially if you focus on Rio de Janeiro the "Marvelous City" or whatever it's called by the other countries. This is not true at all  :P. If you are thinking to visit Brazil because of the World Cup, think twice. This is for your sake mainly, because many tourists are getting stolen and in danger, because our security also sucks.
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