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Hey everyone
« on: August 21, 2015, 12:42:09 pm »
Hey what's up, Martyr here.

I just found out about the game a couple of weeks ago, so I thought it was necessary to register here to comment in a thread, ask for help, or whatever while I end the campaign.
I reached Chapter 9 in the campaign, but ended up Giving up after facing the Obelisk boss lol. But I also chose the Give up option to unlock all the Interludes, since I felt like I missed A LOT of the plot after I managed to see the Chapter 5 Interlude, where Fradz talks about his past, and then I remembered that I missed every single Interlude till then.

Ah, and I wanted to THANK Aero for doing this masterpiece. Yes, it really is a masterpiece. I really lost hope on all videogames after the Wii and PS3 were released, I stopped playing them after their release, since most of them are now commercial and without a real story/plot, but this game here is really good.
The main characters have SO MUCH DEPTH in their personality. I mean, Phodom is not just the humble guy who would do anything for his family, Fradz is not just the crazy guy who likes to live the moment, and Galeoth is not just a cold guy who chases dragons (Xvareon specifically) to avenge his father, there is A LOT more to them, and you get to see it little by little.

And well, thats all I think. Sorry for the English, Im not a native speaker. ;) Thanks for reading if you did.

Edit: I was thinking of opening a Character personality analysis, or whatever it is called in English, I bet you get my meaning. But in order to do that I have to end the campaign with every single Interlude, and for some reason I cant unlock the Chapter 1 Interlude after playing it a lot of times hahah, Im really into the plot.
Anyway, its just an idea I had, I think it'd be interesting, since there is A LOT more to the characters than it first seem, imho.

Edit2: I just wish this Forum was more crowded, I feel like the game is REALLY underrated, you get to see yourself reflected in the characters very often, the plot is strong and the gameplay is fun. The game deserve more praise tbh.

Edit3: And yeah, I guess I should say something about me, it may be relevant. Well, Im Spanish, I like working out, music, and videogames with a good plot, nothing special imo.
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