Author Topic: Your awesome idea forgotten?  (Read 1640 times)


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Re: Your awesome idea forgotten?
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2013, 02:29:36 pm »
One should not expect things to happen instantly. Nor should one expect someone to remember one thing when they have hundreds of other things to do.

Aero has put a lot of work and hours into making TCO what it is now. I'm sure he's had awesome ideas, that he just couldn't do at the point in time, and had forgotten about them. I know I have.

a very simple thing he could do would be to write down the possible ideas that he has approved and then stick that note to his pc screen or something. it's not rocket science, but has he done that? doubt so, this thread is the proof.

he might care, but not enough after until a year plus from the first reminder

and i ain't a wc3 coder (and many others likewise aren't either), unless of course some basic website coding had any part in this.

The human brain can only process 7 different things at any given time. It is VERY common for people to forgot something.

So take the idea for an example. He was reading the tread, processing the characters in the posts, thinking about how the sets would work into the campaign, which one he liked better, which one would be better for the campaign.

That right there, is five different things to process. And there was no doubt more to process at that time. So more than likely, he had to stop one thing he was doing, in order to complete something else.

Adding in the thought "I should write this down" adds a lot more things to process. Such as what to use, actually writing it down, spelling correctly and using correct drawing for each character, what to write next.

Now you're probably thinking "That's not a lot", or something to that degree, however for a human brain, it is.

Trying to do more than what a brain can handle, will generally cause sloppy or incomplete work for each process.

Think about this, have you ever trying surfing the web for things people are telling you to, juggling with one hand, riding a unicycle, while singing a song? It is more or less impossible to do everything correctly the first time.
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