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Re: Competition #45
« on: September 13, 2012, 03:09:45 pm »
Here's one idea:

There will be beams of light from outside the maze. Phodom must redirect the beams of light using only a certain number of crystals. The position and the angle of the crystals changes the path of the beam of light. There could be multiple ways to finish the puzzle. One way is to ensure all the beams of light are focused at one giant crystal to destroy it.

There's another variation of the laser puzzle in which Phodom has to redirect the beams of light to provide vision for him to navigate a dangerous maze containing traps and various hazards. The light beams can be reflected off crystal walls, but are absorbed by stone walls. Only one light beam will be present to increase the difficulty of the puzzle, as the position of every single crystal matters.

This is pretty basic, but working puzzle. I've seen many games using this type of puzzle from Breath Of Fire 4 all the way to Skyrim.

I give this puzzle 2,5 / 5. It does work, but it doesn't bring anything great. Also you should've drawn some kind of picture how the lights actually go.

This can be created, and I look places where this type of puzzle can be added.

My idea is quite simple. Basically it will be a maze (with dead ends of course!) with crystals on the ground for players to collect. Players have to collect a set number of crystals (can be more but cant be lesser) before they reach the end-point within the time limit given. Apart from dead ends, there will be many different traps in the maze, such as poison mist, darts, force field, invincible monsters, lava, avalanche etc, that players must avoid. If not, they will take large amounts of dmg. For added difficulty, once every half a minute, there could a random global event, such as doubling the amount of traps for 15s, changing the structure of the maze, making crystals disappear for 15s etc. Players have to observe the pattern of the traps and also the layout of the maze, before thinking of a good strategy to get out of the maze, collecting enough crystals. There can be 3 levels of increasing difficulty, with each level rewarding increasing amounts of honour points.

Basically this is pretty simple puzzle. What you added was some traps and obstacles. The idea to how to make this puzzle hard, challenging and tactical was a bit confusing. I mean, get some crystals and find a way out of the maze.

You should have more focused on the puzzle than the traps.

2 / 5

Winner: robotworld!
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