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Re: Competition #45
« on: August 19, 2012, 08:17:17 pm »
My idea is quite simple. Basically it will be a maze (with dead ends of course!) with crystals on the ground for players to collect. Players have to collect a set number of crystals (can be more but cant be lesser) before they reach the end-point within the time limit given. Apart from dead ends, there will be many different traps in the maze, such as poison mist, darts, force field, invincible monsters, lava, avalanche etc, that players must avoid. If not, they will take large amounts of dmg. For added difficulty, once every half a minute, there could a random global event, such as doubling the amount of traps for 15s, changing the structure of the maze, making crystals disappear for 15s etc. Players have to observe the pattern of the traps and also the layout of the maze, before thinking of a good strategy to get out of the maze, collecting enough crystals. There can be 3 levels of increasing difficulty, with each level rewarding increasing amounts of honour points.