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Competition #14
« on: October 13, 2010, 04:42:15 am »
Competition Idea

This competition's idea is to create a new ability for The Chosen Ones campaign. The ability will be given to Galeoth and in the category of "Healing Abilities". You don't need to do it in world editor, instead you can simply write it here. The description doesn't need to be epic also, as I will most likely edit it, but the idea behind the ability must be excellent and unique.


- The category name is perhaps "Healing Ability", but the ability doesn't need to heal anything. It can also give a positive buff or help the player in some other ways.
- Make your ability useful, think if players will use it.
- Make your ability balanced, think if it's good in the beginning, but also in the end.
- Think what can increase the ability's damage/healing. Because this ability has 20 level, the ability must be increased somehow per each level.

Characters can be increased by these things:

Attack Damage
Attack Speed
Max Hit points
Hit Points Regeneration
Hit Points Regeneration %
Max Mana
Mana Regeneration
Mana Regeneration %
Movement Speed
Maximum vitality
Magic Damage
Magic Damage %
Steal Chance %
Extra gold from enemies %
Extra experience from enemies %

Competition Rules

- The idea have to be yours.
- You can make unlimited amount of entries.
- I will have all the rights to edit the rules all the time(I will do it correctly and I will be fair for everyone).

Competition Prizes

The winner of this competition will have his/her name to Hall Of Fame(which I will improve time to time). Also, your ability idea will be created to the campaign(if it's good enough).


I'm the only one who will judge the winner of the competition. I will judge all entries. The amount of entries you post will not decrease your chance to win in any way. However, if there are a lot of entries or horrible entries, I'll have the right to kick some of them away in order to make the final judge easier for me.


The competition begins immediately and conclude 20/10/09. I will give you only one week time, because I want at least one more healing ability for Galeoth before releasing the next version.

Final Words

Good luck, may the best ability idea win. If you have questions, remember to ask.
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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2010, 06:11:59 am »
Chilling Presence: Galeoth's Presence is enough for his enemies to shake in fear, becoming unable to fight. As Galeoth gets stronger his reputation increases through the masses of his foes, totally crippling them in sight.

Skill Description: Aura, slows enemies' attack speed and movement speed by x,y%. Enemies that start casting a spell may be frozen for z seconds. Level increases aoe only, x y z increase according to Galeon's stats and magic balls/items.
I suggest starting from an aoe of 200-250, and each level adds up 20 aoe to reach a max of 600-700.

I have played version 3.3a and my main impression was that in late game there are too many active skills on the 3 characters, and some become useless as the enemies grow stronger. So i would like a skill like the one i described above,
1) passive, so i wont have to drop the game speed at minimum, in order to cast 10 skills
2) master disable, it will add up to the other disabling skills of Galeoth but will be his signature skill
3) time durable, in the beginning it will be very weak, the aoe will affect enemies practically in melee range and Galeoth's stats/items wont be much to support it, but as the campaign progresses it will become super and be needed in most if not all fights.

Edit: Is it possible to add a miss chance to those enemies under the aura effect? 1-20%, according to lvl of skill. Or if it is too powerful this way may i suggest miss=(skill lvl+4)/number of chapter.
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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2010, 07:57:42 am »
Experience of the Wise: many years in the battle field as a Spell Caster, Galeoth know how to survive a fight with least loss. He know how to keep distance and in hard situation, his experience allow him to keep calm and concentrate on the enemies.

When deactive, this ability give Galeoth +200 sigh, attack range and +x mana regen/sec. When active, his sigh and attack range become normal, but his movespeed is increase by y%, his health regen  continue raising by z/sec until he cast a spell. If native buff or spell is cast on Galeoth, he has t% chance to disable it for w mana. If Galeoth is being hit or his health was fully regen or his mana is lower than 10%, his concentration is lost, and this ability become unactive.

Countdown: 20-40 sec

Some value:
x: 1.5*abilvl + 5 master bonus (max = 20 mana/sec);
y: 10 + 1*abilvl + 10 master bonus (max = 30%);
z:  5 + 0.5*abilvl + 5 master bonus (max = +15 health regen/sec, it mean he need about SQRT(HEALTH LOSS*2/15) seconds to heal HEALTH LOSS at max level (20s for 3000, 28s for 6000, 35s for 9000)
t: = y;
w: (25 - 1*abilvl - 5 master bonus)% of his current mana (max = 10%)

P/S: In my opnions, Galeoth is a spell caster so he depend much on his spell. Spells which are calculated on % and const value is good.
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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2010, 06:52:18 am »
Thick Air :


Galeoth is a fifth ranked dragon slayer, master of frost magic. He knows some attack magics using it, but also some nice defensive skills.

Thick Air will reduce the damage taken by x raw damage in a y area. Also, the frozen air chill enemies bodies, making them lose some z health points per second. If Galeoths mana run out while this skill is active, the remaining frost will concentrate at his allies bodies, creating a strong armor for 10 seconds.

Ok, now how it works ? :

Thick air [or another fluffy name] is a active/deactive skill. It will consume some mana for every second it is active. Mana increases with level.

So, when an enemy attacks, its attacks will be reduce by a certain quantity, for example

((skill level)*(inteligence)/(Galeoth's level)) + 20

if galeoth is level 25, this skill is level one and he has 50 inteligence , damage = 22
if galeoth is level 100, this skill is level 20, and he has 1000 int , damage = 220.

And area can be 1000, maybe less. Or more, as galeoth cant be close to "mortal" combat.

Damage caused by frost : (skill level)*(10)

And when galeoth's mana reachs 0 (what is difficult to happen, but...) all skill effects ends, and every ally (including galeoth) inside the area effect will receive (skill level*5) armor for 10 seconds.

Ignore the maths. They are only ilustrative...

And why skill is like that ? :

I had played "The Chosen Ones" since a long time. I guess i started playing it in 2.3 or something. I remember we didn't had even chapter 6.

One of the biggest problems is controlling 3 heroes, and everyone of them with his own active abilities. So i guess one more passive skill is only helpfull.

As we know, Galeoth is a supportive guy, and he and fradz can't take much damage. So, this skill is a way to make galeoth be usefull even if you don't have time to cast a frostbolt or something. Also, the damage reduction will make them less fragile to area attack skills and stuff, and phodom will have his tanking job made easier.

Maybe it's a little bit (id say a lot) imba, but balanced maths it could be useful. or not.
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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2010, 08:28:43 am »
Ice of Hatred

Galeoth summons the Ice of Hatred in the middle of the battlefield. The presence of the ice is so strong it causes all the enemies of Galeoth to concentrate on it and attack it.

When attacked, the Ice of Hatred has a 15% chance to hurl pulses of ice shards to Galeoth enemies, dealing x% damage.

If the Ice was destroyed, it will use its last power to heal Galeoth and his nearby friendly allies by y% of their life. The Ice of Hatred has z amount of hit point.

How it works:

1)The spell should be instant [something like once press, straight activate like war stomp].
2)The ward cast TAUNT every second.
3)When attacked, can either use the Ice of Hatred unit or create another dummy to cast the freezing pulses [Fan of Knife]. (I think creating a new unit is better)
4) When destroyed, the Ice Shard will heal all friendly allies [triggers? maybe?]


1) Taunt AOE = a fixed 600 AOE [or maybe more]
2) X% dmg = start from base dmg 200 and increased by 100 (or 50?) every 10 lvl of Galeoth + (magic balls)
3) Y% heal = (100 * AbilityLVL) + (magic balls)
4) Z hit points = (Galeoth's STR * 20) with a base armor of 2 (heavy)
5) Duration = 20 sec (maybe lesser)
6) Cooldown = 40 sec (maybe lesser as well)

I'm not good in micro management, so I've created this spell to ease the pain.
You see, a ward which cast taunt every sec can helped a slow reaction person greatly.

For example; in Chapter 7, where we fought the siege golem, my fradz died from because I ordered Phodom to heal Fradz, and by the time I order Fradz to run away, he died.
Which is why, I prefer taunting rather than healing.


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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #5 on: October 15, 2010, 10:01:32 am »
I will post very short answers to your abilities. I won't judge them before the deadline is over. By the way, please don't include here numbers they just make your ability descriptions longer. I will calculate them later. Here are some info:


- Accepted.  ;)


- Not yet accepted.
- This type of abilities League Of Legend uses. However, I won't make abilities that gives X stuff when ability is not used/not active and Y stuff when used/activated. I want to stay in simple way, meaning when activated gives X stuff and when not activated gives nothing.
- You need to update this spell. Either do my way, or make it like gives these buffs for X seconds or other way.


- Not yet accepted.
- So this is like temporarily aura that gives hit points to allies and reduces hit points from enemies by every second this is activated? If so, this is not so useful in boss fights because this spell cannot do much damage in the end. Also too simple, prove me wrong if I understood your ability wrong.


- Accepted.  ;)

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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #6 on: October 16, 2010, 05:24:08 pm »
Living Ice

Galeoths becomes completely in tune with the ice melting it and giving it a life of its own. for a short period of time water will naturally protect Galeoth and his allies. The water will slow oncoming attacks and splash over Galeoth and his allies cooling their wounds from battle and giving them energy.

effect - all allies will be protected by the ice, all damage will be reduced by a curtain amount (based on strength and items) . also the each time the water blocks damage the  regenerative forces will give some health and mana to the group members ( this will be effected by intellect and items)

i think that this would be a useful ability because in a situation that requires more than a small protective or healing spell it will give a short respite from damage with a slight regen ability so that we can take a breather. also it would be cool for an ability of Galeoths to have some basis in strength.
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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2010, 04:37:59 am »
Icy Chakra: Galeoth uses his very essence to protect his allies.

Skill Description: Buff spell, single target. Ally with buff raises +1 armor every time he gets hit, until it reaches a maximum value x. When that happens, target's armor returns to normal but attacking enemy that scored last hit becomes frozen for y seconds. Frozen enemy can't move/attack/cast spells and takes amplified damage by z% while in this state.

x increased by skill lvl, y increased by Galeoth's int, z increased by skill lvl, magic balls and items.


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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2010, 07:32:32 am »
 Years after the famed Dragon war, Galeoth became the talk of legend due to his unparalleled mastery of his incredible ice spells. Not only are they excellent at the offensive, Galeoth's spells can be used to protect and heal.
 His defensive prowess has reached the pnnacleof perfection through:" Immortality"

 Type: buff, active.
 Effects:  Increase spell's target 10 armor, 10% magic resistance ,5 hp regen/sec and fixed 30% movement speed reduce aura but due to ice, his attack speed reduced by 32%
 +1 lvl--> +2 armor, +2 magic resistance, +5 hp regen, -2% attack speed
 Duration: 10s, Cooldown: 18s.

 Explanation: due to Galeoth's low hp and armor, it's critical for him to has survive ability. 30% movement speed reduce aura is great when he can cast spells while running. +armor and regen make him hard to die, this spell is great for Phodom as well, it will make him more tank than ever. Some situation can use on Fradz as well.


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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #9 on: October 18, 2010, 08:38:46 pm »
Dancing Lightning Sword

Hero: Fradz
  Replaces -- Lightning Ball (One of the choices as Fradz last skill)

Description: Having control over the power of wind. Fradz can swing his weapons faster than the eye can see, creating a powerfull electrifying presence and imbueing it into one of his swords. With a mind of its own, loyal to Fradz will slash havoc and chaos among his enemies.

Type: Instant Cast
Mana Cost: 250 (+25 Per Level Increase)
Cooldown: 75 Seconds
Duration: 12 + (Level*0.2)
Damage: 30 + (Level*1.1 + Agility*0.55)
Attack Speed: 0.85 Base Speed - (Agility*0.1) Maximum Speed Base = 0.20
Attack Range: 290

Basically this is a summoning spell that has somewhat low damage but when you reach higher levels and agility. Will make this a very powerfull spell because the attack speed will be reduced greatly and will deal massive amounts of damage during its duration.

Other Notes - It will have a locust ability, and invulnability so it cant be destroyed and it will follow you around if no enemies are withen 500 AOE of you. It will attack the closest to you withen 500 AOE, and has a maximum movement speed. You can't control it either.
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Fradz > Phodom > Galeoth


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Re: Competition #14
« Reply #10 on: October 21, 2010, 02:12:28 am »
This contest is over. I start now calculating results. I'll create another thread soon to show who wins and how I have judged.