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Re: Competition #32
« Reply #15 on: December 24, 2011, 03:13:40 pm »
Hello, it's the judge speaking!

Lightning Elemental by Blackdoom59

Pros & Cons:
+ All the abilities are acceptable for a summon
+ Lightning vortex is an excellent idea(never used before)

Overall you did a great job and put some effort to this. However, there's just one thing that amazed me. I'll combine yours and mine ideas together and finish the summon for Fradz.

3 / 5

Celestal Lightning by Blackdoom59

Pros & Cons:

+ Works
- Unoriginal

There's not much to say about this ability. There are already 4 Single abilities and this isn't better than any of those(I don't say the current ones are that great).

1 / 5

Celestal Lightning by Blackdoom59

Pros & Cons:

+ The core idea is nice
- Just a transformation, that's the only thing you gave me
- Model is bad(I'm not a modeler)

This has some potential but I feel like it was left unfinished. Fradz turns to somekind of angel, but what then? I mean some abilities or something for it... Not just basic attack.

2 / 5

Lightning Protection by Doomlord

Pros & Cons:

+ I like the invulnerable shield
+ Fine presentation
- Red and blue? Why don't those two have something that separates them?
- Really hard to balance

The idea is great but there are some flaws in it. Why different color and would play in reality want this? For invulnerable yes but the damage back is really hard to balance. This type of ability I'll eventually do but I'm not sure yet if there will come some lightnings.

2,5 / 5

Mark of the thunder god by Doomlord

Pros & Cons:

+ Works
+ Fine presentation
- Not original

Well, this could work but this is far from original. Giving some bonus stats for a short time has been seen many times before.

2,5 / 5

Lightning divider ny Isofruit

Pros & Cons:

+ This ability is unique and none so far is like this
- Presentation is boring
- You didn't gave me effects or anything eye candy

Overall I liked the idea and I'll search how is this possible to do.

3,5 / 5

Okay, thanks everyone for joining the contest. We got some new sexy ideas. Winner is Isofruit.
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