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Competition #22
« on: January 29, 2011, 04:41:33 pm »
Competition Idea

The idea of this competition is to create a special bonus for an ultimate set. The special bonus can be for any of the three characters. The special bonus increases by having more than one piece in the inventory and if the whole set is in inventory the bonus is ultimate.


- Each Ultimate Set have four pieces, and each part will have this bonus.
- You don't need to create an item, but just one bonus.
- The bonus is greater when you have more pieces, and is complete when the set is in inventory.
- The idea can be about anything that is useful for the character(s).
- It's an ultimate set so the bonus must be something really unique, powerful and useful. The bonus doesn't need to be that powerful if you just have one or two pieces.
- Because it's for an ultimate set, I accept if your idea is "used from inventory". I still however prefer that it's passive.

Competition Rules

- The idea have to be yours.
- You can make unlimited amount of entries.
- I will have all the rights to edit the rules all the time(I will do it correctly and I will be fair for everyone).

Competition Prizes

The winner of this competition will have his or her name to Hall Of Fame and will be credited as "Competition Winners" and "Idea Giver". If you have one more than once you'll be credited automatically as "Great Idea Giver". Also any other ideas that I'll use will be credited as "Idea Giver".


I'm the only one who will judge the winner of the competition. I will judge all entries. The amount of entries you post will not decrease your chance to win in any way. However, if there are a lot of entries or horrible entries, I'll have the right to kick some of them away in order to make the final judge easier for me.


Concludes on Sunday 13/2/2011.
The competition begins immediately and conclude Sunday 6/2/2011.

Final Words

Good luck, may the best idea win. If you have questions, ask.
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Re: Competition #22
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2011, 03:33:35 pm »
My ultimate special set idea is for Galeoth. The summary of the idea is that Galeoth can switch roles for an amount of time making him a far ranged dps/caster to a tank. Galeoth can now transform into an icy ghost that has a considerable amount of health and useful skills based on how many set items you have. The details of this are:

-4 skills, each skill gotten based on how many set items you have

-the health would also be based on how many set items you have (set item amount x 10000) for a max of 40k health

-taunt is the basic skill that you have reguardless of how many set items, it also decreases the units armor and pulls aggro to you

-then a faery fire skill (can be called Ghost Fire to make it fit more) that makes the monster miss more

-then the skill Brain Freeze, it basically does a DoT so galeoth's transformation would have at least 1 attack instead of 100% tank

-then the magic resist skill which goes up based on how many times Galeoth was hitting the monster, 1% per hit. This will cap at 50% and if you have not hit the target within 3 seconds, it is reverted back to 1%.

-then extreme regeneration aura which heals 500 hp/sec

-set item 1 unlocks faery fire(or Ghost Fire) and taunt since it's basic, brain freeze is linked to set item # 2, set item 3 unlocks magic resist, and the whole set unlocks extreme regeneration

-The whole set is 4 pieces, one of the pieces contains this transformation at the most basic level if this is the first set item piece.

-This can be summoned from the inventory for however long you want HOWEVER, it has a 300 second cooldown once the summon starts and sometimes it's better for Galeoth to be the support and damage dealer so it's your own decision whether he should switch roles or not.

-Once you get the full ultimate set, 4/4, this also activates when you die which also has a 300 second cooldown once the summon starts. Cooldowns are seperate, so if your item is on cooldown, then the dying will of the Icy Ghost will still work when you die, however, once this is on cooldown and you die again you won't revive as the Icy Ghost if the 300 seconds were not up.

-This is meant to flip around the roles of the characters leaving more tatics and more diversity.


I got two playthroughs now. One on Extreme and ****! Be sure to check them out in the Walkthroughs Sub-Forum.


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Re: Competition #22
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2011, 04:00:38 am »
Okay, one epic entry. The entries doesn't need to be that long. Even with a smaller text, but with an excellent idea you can beat Killa's idea.

This competition is very important for me, because I cannot start making any Ultimate Sets before this competition is over and good enough ideas are given to me. That is why I'm going to lengthen the deadline by one week. I hope that's enough for at least two more ideas.

I'm also going to host another contest, an easier one.
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Re: Competition #22
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2011, 05:09:09 am »
Okay, so I'm basically using killa's idea, but the details are tweaked, idea is still the same. (Yeah, I know its a big long and its basically against the rules, but I got set on this and couldn't think of anything different >.<)

Title: Pride of the sun

For: Phodom

Basic idea: Phodom turns into a sun that is either a healer or spell caster.

Set ability:
State of the sun (this is what turn's Phodom into the sun): Based on moral, Phodom will turn into a Dark, or Bright sun. Sun lasts until destroyed or is canceled via combustion/end sun. Chance on cast 0.1%, or activated. If activated, cooldown is 300 seconds AFTER the sun is destroyed.

Side note: All casting abilities of the suns will add mana, except for combustion and Dark/Bright sun's presence, unless specified.

Stats of both suns:
Health: 40,000 / # of pieces. (bear with it, there's a reason why health decreases.)
Mana: 10,000, no regeneration and starts at 0/10,000

Dark sun's abilities:
  • Dark sun's presence (cost 0 mana): Causes (250 * # of set pieces) damage every second in a 600 area around the sun.
  • Sun's wrath (cost 0 mana): sends out a stream of fire in a line, dealing ((100 * # of pieces) + current amount of mana) damage all enemies in the stream. And adds 10% of that damage to current mana. (cooldown, 5 seconds)
  • Mass of the sun (cost 50 mana): Pulls in all enemies in a 700 area, dealing ((100 + (100 * # of enemies being pulled)) * # of pieces)/sec for (1.25 * # of pieces). Adds 20% of total damage to mana. (cooldown 30 seconds)
  • Dark Sun's rage: (cost all of current mana, need to have 1,000 at least): The Dark sun charges a huge stream of fire into a ball (channel time = current mana - 1000/sec) then sends the burning inferno towards the targeted unit, dealing (500 * total time channeled). Does not add mana. (cooldown 180 seconds)

Bright sun's abilities:
  • Bright sun's presence(cost 0 mana): sends out a healing circle of fire, healing every ally in a 500 area by ((125 * # of pieces) + current mana) every 5 seconds.
  • Sun's blessing(cost 0 mana): surrounds an ally in fire, it will healing them for (100 * # of pieces) for ((current mana / 1,000) + # of pieces). Adds ((100 * # of pieces) * 0.1) to mana. (cooldown = (1.25 * # of pieces) + time heal lasted)
  • Light of the sun (costs 50 mana): Sends out a blinding light that stuns all enemies in a 600 area for ((current mana / 1,000) + # of pieces). Adds ( stun time * 100) to mana. (cooldown 30 seconds)
  • Bright sun's warmth (cost 1,000 mana): Pours all of the sun's energy into itself, creating a healing heat. (drains mana at 100/sec, heals all allies in 700 range by 5% of their health per sec until mana is less than 100). (cooldown 180 seconds)

Generic sun's abilities: (both Dark and Bright have these)
  • Combustion (costs 10,000 mana): The sun draws in energy from everything until it explodes. Has a (5 / # of pieces) channel time, and deals ((10,000 * # of pieces) + 10,000). (cooldown 400 seconds
  • Black & White hole: Has a ((40,000 / total health of sun) / 100) chance to create a Black or White hole upon combustion.
  • Cancel sun: Turns the sun back into Phodom.

Note: Both the Black and White hole disappear, and Phodom is back when mana is completely drained.

Black hole abilities and stats:
Life: 999,999,999,999 (unkillable)
Mana: 10,000 * # of pieces
  • Pulls all enemies towards the position of the sun (or where it was I should say), draining (100 + current mana) health per second from every unit and adds it to the current mana until it reaches max mana.

White hole abilities and stats:
Life 10,000 * # of pieces
Mana: 9,999,999
  • Every 10 seconds the white hole pushes enemies away from the center, and heals allies in range (600) fully (if enough mana). Drains 2 mana for every 1 unit a unit is pushed away, and drains 10 mana for every health point healed.
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Re: Competition #22
« Reply #4 on: March 05, 2011, 04:41:29 pm »
First of all, I have decided to make only 3 Ultimate Set pieces instead of 4. Firstly because I've removed chapter 9, which means one chapter less and secondly it's easier for me.

Now to the entries. Both entries are incredible awesome. Best so far. In the beginning I was going to make both entries. Then I realized that if I do so, I must also make Fradz some kind of big bad monster. And if that would happen, it would mean Espers wouldn't be anymore that unique.

So I thought and thought and made my final decission. I'll take Killa's idea and use it for the item set and make megmaconqueror idea to Fire Spell 4, because it's somewhat similar to my idea I had for the spell. Don't you feel disappointed now, megmaconqueror. The ultimate spells are the real killing machines.

This decision, however, didn't mean Killa won. The amount of time and effort you both made are incredible. In the end, first time ever, I decided that both of you'll win the contest. Such a brilliant entries. Congratulation you two, you have earned this.


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Re: Competition #22
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2011, 06:12:58 am »
Please move this thread into Finished Competitions, Aero.
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Re: Competition #22
« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2011, 03:30:03 am »
Yeah, well actually I always leave these competitions for few days before I send there. That's because people cannot comment there and say last thoughts about the contest.