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Re: Competition #17
« on: December 29, 2010, 06:43:37 am »
Well, since it has the word "magic" and "torment" in it, it should have something to do by using magic to damage the enemy, so my entry for this competition would be:

Magic Torment:

This issue of combat kings teaches the user how to deal damage toward his/her enemy with their own mana. Every time the user attacks an enemy unit, there is a (?)% chance that the user will use (?)% of their current mana to transform it into a dark energy and send it toward his/her enemy, corrupting the energy of his/her enemy and turn it against them, dealing severe damage toward the target by (?)% of their current hit point and current mana in damage. The percentage of damage dealt also destroy a portion of the target's mana.

So since this ability is based on percentage, the more the hit point and mana point the enemy has, the stronger the effect is, but this skills become weaker gradually as the enemy's hit point and mana point will be destroyed by the ability, which means that this skill's effect is only on the strongest during the start of the battle.