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Re: Competition #15
« on: October 20, 2010, 09:10:33 pm »
Phodom - Burning Passion Pack
Items: Small Ever-Lasting fire. Ability triggers when unit hits 5% life, temporarily makes unit live longer by keeping its hp at 50% for 4 seconds, every 50 kills adds 1 second. Cooldown 180.
Description: Phodom's favorite artifact he gained from the war with the dragons. This fire is made from the heart of an ancient dragon. It never burns out, and never needs any fuel to survive.

Phodom - Man of Steel Pack
Items: Phodom's fire enchanted armor, adds 100 health, 4 hp/sec, and 2 armor. Every kill increases health by 2, 0.1 hp/sec, and 0.05 armor.
Discription: During the war, Phodom found an old mythril armor set in one of the dragons' treasure chambers in one raid. And since his old armor nearly killed him, he decided to enchant it with fire runes. It's been with him ever since.

Fradz - Jumper Pack
Items: Jumper Cables, active ability, deals 10 dps to target enemy, and heals for 10 hps for 10 seconds. Every 10 kills increases dps and hps by 1. (note: basically life drain)
Description: Fradz came by this by chance, he had found some copper made into a necklace. Of course, at this time Fradz was being charged by a lightning dragon. Fradz threw the copper necklace at the dragon's eye, but before Fradz could let go, energy from the dragon started to transfer to Fradz, healing his wounds faster. So Fradz made a few whips made of copper, and has been draining energy ever since.

Fradz - Insanity Pack
Items: Lightning bug, random amount of 1-50% movement and attack speed bonus with 15% when attacked. Increases chance by 1% every 6 kills.
Description: A nice little bug Fradz found after a lightning strike. The bug made a nest inside Fradz's brain. When Fradz is in danger, the bug pumps from energy into Fradz's body, so that it's host won't die.

Galeoth - Stubborn  Mule pack
Items: The Stubborn Mule, increases chances for effects by 0%, every 6 kills adds 1%.
Description: Galeoth found this stubborn old mule. The mule liked Galeoth, and stuck by his side ever since. Galeoth still regreats ever finding this mule to this day.
Note: Aura of Fire supporters rejoice! Instead of 20% chance to block, when this item his its 300 mark, it'll be 30% to block! Thats a whole extra block to use against shield of fire with fire mastery!

Galeoth - Winter's First Flake Pack
Items: Winter's Flake, increases magic damage by 10 and mana/sec by 5. Every kill increases magic damage by 1 and mana regen by 0.1 mana/sec.
Description: Galeoth found this icy artifact in a well protected winter shrine deep in the hottest desert. Unfortunately for Galeoth, Jack Frost didn't take too kindly to having his property being stolen. Jack Frost weakened the artifact immensely. How ever, Galeoth found a way to put its power back, little by little.
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