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Re: Competition #15
« on: October 20, 2010, 02:14:54 pm »
Phodom - Old Book Pack
Items: Paladin's Handbook, +1 hp/sec & +1 armor aura, every 50 kills item gains +1 hp/sec and +1 armor (aura), active skill: aoe heal 50hp*hero lvl, cooldown 45 sec.
Description: Phodom starts off with his favorite book. This book, given as a birthday present from his father, trully inspired Phodom in his childhood to become a Dragon Slayer and aid his allies in battle, making it kind of special.

Fradz - Dark Weapon Pack
Items: The Cookie Cutter, +10 agi & -1 armor aura every 75 kills.
Description: Fradz's side weapon, a corrupted dagger which seems to feed upon the souls of its enemies. The origin of this weapon is currently unknown, thus making a mystery how a Dragon Slayer wields a weapon of that kind.

Galeoth - School of Magi Pack
Items: Boots of Magi, +70 ms, active skill: target unit becomes unable to attack for 3 seconds and takes increased damage from spells by hero lvl*2%.
Description: Standard mage issue, these boots are given to each wizard after his graduation from the Magi School. The amazing thing about these boots is that they become adapted to each mage, increasing their potential as their user becomes stronger.
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