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Competition #14 Results
« on: October 23, 2010, 01:44:20 pm »
Words from the judge

Okay, I got some free time from TCO because I'm waiting someone to fix a problem of mine which is pretty easy but I don't get why it bugs. After it's fixed I'll release a new version of the campaign. Now I'll judge your abilities for Galeoth. Let's start.

What I like that you guys actually tried to calculate the damage and healing dones. This is a step forward from the previous competitions where people just put some random abilities. Also the desriptions ideas were somewhat nice.

I should have put how I will judge the entries. I should have put these things for example:

1) How easy is to read
2) How it will increase
3) How good is the ability description
4) How does it fit to Galeoth
5) Will I do it?

However, because I didn't do that I will do just "easy" judge this time. I will only judge the idea behind the ability and if I'm going to create it to the campaign. Next ability competition I will judge every aspect I mention. We have to remember I'm also pretty new hosting competitions but I'm becoming better!

MofoBear's Chilling Presence

+ Minus attack & movement speed aura is an excellent idea and fits perfectly with Galeoth.
- I'm not sure about that return damage when enemies cast spells because about 50% of their spells are like trigger made which makes impossible for me to create that return damage.

This is an aura that decreases enemy units attack and movement speed. Enemies that cast spells will receive damage which I cannot do. The idea is okay and fits to Galeoth, but because the campaign is created in a way that prevents this ability to take full potential, I will not create this ability.


MofoBear's Icy Chakra

+ An unique idea.
- The level scaling is pretty hard to do but hmm.

An ability that increases targeted friendly unit's armor by every time it receives damage. When the ability receives it's maximum value the effect wears off and stuns the one who did the last hit. I wonder if this very useful ability and will players pick it. I'm probably going to create this.


Alan_Os' Ice of Hatred:

+ There are not yet any "dummy" abilities which makes this unique and useful.

This ability creates an ice blog that taunts automitcally enemies to attack it. The enemies who actually attack this unit will receive damage back depending on Galeoth's intelligence(yeam yea I will use intelligence). When the blog is destroyed it heals nearby friendly units X hit points and mana. This is the ability I would like to do and I know at least some people will use it.


Osanthus' Living Ice:

- No numbers in the description do I have to do all the calculation and decide what actually makes this stronger? Attirbutes? Ability level? Hero Level?

This is a basic Fradz stylish aura that reduces damage to allied units. Doesn't fit to Galeoth's healing category and isn't that unique idea to be made. I also don't like the idea of STR style ability with Galeoth but I once was thinking about ICE SMACK(str + level damage based melee ability and something)!


Exathos': Dancing Lightning Sword:

+ Nicely and easy to read description.
- Wrong category.

Competition's idea was to create a healing spell for Galeoth and you create an ultimate ability for Fradz? Well anyway, this is interesting idea. Is it somekind of sword or a lightning ball that follows Fradz? And does it act like Lightning Orb?



#1 Alan_Osl
Special award: MofoBear(for two good abilities, shame that I cannot do that other one)
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