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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 18, 2010, 08:38:46 pm »
Dancing Lightning Sword

Hero: Fradz
  Replaces -- Lightning Ball (One of the choices as Fradz last skill)

Description: Having control over the power of wind. Fradz can swing his weapons faster than the eye can see, creating a powerfull electrifying presence and imbueing it into one of his swords. With a mind of its own, loyal to Fradz will slash havoc and chaos among his enemies.

Type: Instant Cast
Mana Cost: 250 (+25 Per Level Increase)
Cooldown: 75 Seconds
Duration: 12 + (Level*0.2)
Damage: 30 + (Level*1.1 + Agility*0.55)
Attack Speed: 0.85 Base Speed - (Agility*0.1) Maximum Speed Base = 0.20
Attack Range: 290

Basically this is a summoning spell that has somewhat low damage but when you reach higher levels and agility. Will make this a very powerfull spell because the attack speed will be reduced greatly and will deal massive amounts of damage during its duration.

Other Notes - It will have a locust ability, and invulnability so it cant be destroyed and it will follow you around if no enemies are withen 500 AOE of you. It will attack the closest to you withen 500 AOE, and has a maximum movement speed. You can't control it either.
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