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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 16, 2010, 05:24:08 pm »
Living Ice

Galeoths becomes completely in tune with the ice melting it and giving it a life of its own. for a short period of time water will naturally protect Galeoth and his allies. The water will slow oncoming attacks and splash over Galeoth and his allies cooling their wounds from battle and giving them energy.

effect - all allies will be protected by the ice, all damage will be reduced by a curtain amount (based on strength and items) . also the each time the water blocks damage the  regenerative forces will give some health and mana to the group members ( this will be effected by intellect and items)

i think that this would be a useful ability because in a situation that requires more than a small protective or healing spell it will give a short respite from damage with a slight regen ability so that we can take a breather. also it would be cool for an ability of Galeoths to have some basis in strength.
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