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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 15, 2010, 10:01:32 am »
I will post very short answers to your abilities. I won't judge them before the deadline is over. By the way, please don't include here numbers they just make your ability descriptions longer. I will calculate them later. Here are some info:


- Accepted.  ;)


- Not yet accepted.
- This type of abilities League Of Legend uses. However, I won't make abilities that gives X stuff when ability is not used/not active and Y stuff when used/activated. I want to stay in simple way, meaning when activated gives X stuff and when not activated gives nothing.
- You need to update this spell. Either do my way, or make it like gives these buffs for X seconds or other way.


- Not yet accepted.
- So this is like temporarily aura that gives hit points to allies and reduces hit points from enemies by every second this is activated? If so, this is not so useful in boss fights because this spell cannot do much damage in the end. Also too simple, prove me wrong if I understood your ability wrong.


- Accepted.  ;)

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