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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 15, 2010, 08:28:43 am »
Ice of Hatred

Galeoth summons the Ice of Hatred in the middle of the battlefield. The presence of the ice is so strong it causes all the enemies of Galeoth to concentrate on it and attack it.

When attacked, the Ice of Hatred has a 15% chance to hurl pulses of ice shards to Galeoth enemies, dealing x% damage.

If the Ice was destroyed, it will use its last power to heal Galeoth and his nearby friendly allies by y% of their life. The Ice of Hatred has z amount of hit point.

How it works:

1)The spell should be instant [something like once press, straight activate like war stomp].
2)The ward cast TAUNT every second.
3)When attacked, can either use the Ice of Hatred unit or create another dummy to cast the freezing pulses [Fan of Knife]. (I think creating a new unit is better)
4) When destroyed, the Ice Shard will heal all friendly allies [triggers? maybe?]


1) Taunt AOE = a fixed 600 AOE [or maybe more]
2) X% dmg = start from base dmg 200 and increased by 100 (or 50?) every 10 lvl of Galeoth + (magic balls)
3) Y% heal = (100 * AbilityLVL) + (magic balls)
4) Z hit points = (Galeoth's STR * 20) with a base armor of 2 (heavy)
5) Duration = 20 sec (maybe lesser)
6) Cooldown = 40 sec (maybe lesser as well)

I'm not good in micro management, so I've created this spell to ease the pain.
You see, a ward which cast taunt every sec can helped a slow reaction person greatly.

For example; in Chapter 7, where we fought the siege golem, my fradz died from because I ordered Phodom to heal Fradz, and by the time I order Fradz to run away, he died.
Which is why, I prefer taunting rather than healing.