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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 15, 2010, 06:52:18 am »
Thick Air :


Galeoth is a fifth ranked dragon slayer, master of frost magic. He knows some attack magics using it, but also some nice defensive skills.

Thick Air will reduce the damage taken by x raw damage in a y area. Also, the frozen air chill enemies bodies, making them lose some z health points per second. If Galeoths mana run out while this skill is active, the remaining frost will concentrate at his allies bodies, creating a strong armor for 10 seconds.

Ok, now how it works ? :

Thick air [or another fluffy name] is a active/deactive skill. It will consume some mana for every second it is active. Mana increases with level.

So, when an enemy attacks, its attacks will be reduce by a certain quantity, for example

((skill level)*(inteligence)/(Galeoth's level)) + 20

if galeoth is level 25, this skill is level one and he has 50 inteligence , damage = 22
if galeoth is level 100, this skill is level 20, and he has 1000 int , damage = 220.

And area can be 1000, maybe less. Or more, as galeoth cant be close to "mortal" combat.

Damage caused by frost : (skill level)*(10)

And when galeoth's mana reachs 0 (what is difficult to happen, but...) all skill effects ends, and every ally (including galeoth) inside the area effect will receive (skill level*5) armor for 10 seconds.

Ignore the maths. They are only ilustrative...

And why skill is like that ? :

I had played "The Chosen Ones" since a long time. I guess i started playing it in 2.3 or something. I remember we didn't had even chapter 6.

One of the biggest problems is controlling 3 heroes, and everyone of them with his own active abilities. So i guess one more passive skill is only helpfull.

As we know, Galeoth is a supportive guy, and he and fradz can't take much damage. So, this skill is a way to make galeoth be usefull even if you don't have time to cast a frostbolt or something. Also, the damage reduction will make them less fragile to area attack skills and stuff, and phodom will have his tanking job made easier.

Maybe it's a little bit (id say a lot) imba, but balanced maths it could be useful. or not.
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