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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 14, 2010, 07:57:42 am »
Experience of the Wise: many years in the battle field as a Spell Caster, Galeoth know how to survive a fight with least loss. He know how to keep distance and in hard situation, his experience allow him to keep calm and concentrate on the enemies.

When deactive, this ability give Galeoth +200 sigh, attack range and +x mana regen/sec. When active, his sigh and attack range become normal, but his movespeed is increase by y%, his health regen  continue raising by z/sec until he cast a spell. If native buff or spell is cast on Galeoth, he has t% chance to disable it for w mana. If Galeoth is being hit or his health was fully regen or his mana is lower than 10%, his concentration is lost, and this ability become unactive.

Countdown: 20-40 sec

Some value:
x: 1.5*abilvl + 5 master bonus (max = 20 mana/sec);
y: 10 + 1*abilvl + 10 master bonus (max = 30%);
z:  5 + 0.5*abilvl + 5 master bonus (max = +15 health regen/sec, it mean he need about SQRT(HEALTH LOSS*2/15) seconds to heal HEALTH LOSS at max level (20s for 3000, 28s for 6000, 35s for 9000)
t: = y;
w: (25 - 1*abilvl - 5 master bonus)% of his current mana (max = 10%)

P/S: In my opnions, Galeoth is a spell caster so he depend much on his spell. Spells which are calculated on % and const value is good.
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