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Re: Competition #14
« on: October 13, 2010, 06:11:59 am »
Chilling Presence: Galeoth's Presence is enough for his enemies to shake in fear, becoming unable to fight. As Galeoth gets stronger his reputation increases through the masses of his foes, totally crippling them in sight.

Skill Description: Aura, slows enemies' attack speed and movement speed by x,y%. Enemies that start casting a spell may be frozen for z seconds. Level increases aoe only, x y z increase according to Galeon's stats and magic balls/items.
I suggest starting from an aoe of 200-250, and each level adds up 20 aoe to reach a max of 600-700.

I have played version 3.3a and my main impression was that in late game there are too many active skills on the 3 characters, and some become useless as the enemies grow stronger. So i would like a skill like the one i described above,
1) passive, so i wont have to drop the game speed at minimum, in order to cast 10 skills
2) master disable, it will add up to the other disabling skills of Galeoth but will be his signature skill
3) time durable, in the beginning it will be very weak, the aoe will affect enemies practically in melee range and Galeoth's stats/items wont be much to support it, but as the campaign progresses it will become super and be needed in most if not all fights.

Edit: Is it possible to add a miss chance to those enemies under the aura effect? 1-20%, according to lvl of skill. Or if it is too powerful this way may i suggest miss=(skill lvl+4)/number of chapter.
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