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Re: TitanDeath
« on: September 27, 2012, 02:23:12 am »
About riddle question I think I upated them all. Is there still problems with the latest version?

Also, set item descriptions were a pain. I had the Damanthe set for about 5 chapters before I figured out that Damanthe's Shield is part of the set.
How that was such a pain? Isn't it clearly said at the end which item belongs to which item set.

I understand why the end option doesn't work, but at least take the time to either let us know it doesn't work, remove it, or fix it. There's other things i could've been doing besides trying to figure out if i can get it to work or not.
I'll remove it for now.

You should also at least fix the most important bugs such as spell and item problems which cause a lot of confusion.
Item problems?

I don't have that high of expectation for terrain. As long as it flows well, looks as natural as possible, and looks nice, thats enough for me. There's a lot of rpgs that i have played with much worse terrain.
Well, terrain isn't my speciality.