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« on: December 18, 2011, 08:16:57 am »
Gameplay - What do you think about the game play. For example, are the abilities, items and spells fine? Is there too much killing? Is the campaign too repetive?

5/5. I enjoyed every minute of it, even the annoying ones! One thing I'd like to point out is the possibility to craft items and the possibility to choose the spells your character can have. Especially the way you made it with having to choose one out of 2-5 spells instead of just letting someone choose 5 out of 20 spells, made it way easier to understand what kind of spells you need for your individual talent build.

Terrain - What do you think about the terrain? Is it eye candy or not? What you believe is the most beautiful place and what should be improved.

5/5 I think everything looked great, but I'm not really the best one to judge something like looks :D

Atmosphere - What do you think about the atmosphere of the campaign? Too funny? Too sad? And does the music make the atmosphere better?

At first: I have to explain one thing. While reading most of the dialogs, I only grabbed the contents that I could see and "translated" them in my mind into a german dialog with only the contents but some kind of words supporting the meaning. Therefor, I actually can't really say if the words you used to show the contents of the dialog could be improved. If you get confused by what I mean: I refer to the fact, that there are several ways to say a sentence that inherit the same meaning. So I can't say if you could improve your wording. For a job like that, you need a native speaker :D
So about the atmosphere: I liked it a lot, especially the first and the sixth chapter! But I think the despair within Phodom could be shown a bit more in every chapter through little monologs (except chapter 1 and 7. 1 is more the enough and 7 has it's mini cinematics which show enough).

Story - What do you think about the story. Is too simple or confusing? Is it mysterious and complicated enough? What is your favorite character?

5/5 It is confusing, mysterious and complicated. And that's exactly what I like. At first I though the dragons were slave owners, then the picture changed them to creators. Then a theory appears, that the dragon may have cursed every race, so that they lose some kind of energy within time so they lose their mind and become aggressive. And this goes on and on, the plot is full of twists and confusing information like that, so you get more and more curious about everything. The only thing I really recommend is that you make everything (and I mean everything!) clear in the end. Otherwise it would be some kind of unsatisfying.

Cinematics - What do you think about the cinematics. Tell what is the worst and the best cinematic and why.

One of the best (best as a synonym to emotional) cinematics were the slaughter of Phodoms family and the talk between Phodom and Galeoth what it is about having lost everything when Phodom gets very furious. One of the worst... hmm, tough question. Sorry, can't answer that.

Bosses - What do you think about the bosses at the campaign? Are they challenging, balanced, different and unique enough? What is your favourite boss and what boss could need some improvements?

My favourite boss was the epic boss in chapter 6. I liked how you needed to pay attention to everything and so on!

Diffculty - What is your opinion about the difficulties. Do you think the difficulties are balanced enough or do they need improvements?

It was hard when I played through it the first time at childs play. That time I completely failed by skilling Phodom and had no set available due to digging nothing. Now I'm repeating the game in normal mode and somehow everything seems too easy. Maybe I'll change to 4/5 after I tryed everything with hard.

All things consired, how would you describe your playing experience at the campaign? What could be done better and what you believe doesn't anymore need attension?

Great, really great. I even like replaying all of these chapters because I liked them so much. What could be done better would be the chances to get gold. Another thing are the mini games in chapter 7. I.e. the tower game or the go-car game are imo insanely hard. Next the dialogs. I recommend that you get one native speaker to look through all the dialogs, let him get rid of every single fault and then you two could discuss if there are some sentences that could be changed to underline the meaning of the contents and the emotions of the characters in the dialog.

Would you recommend this campaign to your friends?

Definitely yes (and I already have ;D).
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I'm looking for an as good as possible English-speaker that can take a look at a few TCO dialogues. Please send ma a private message to confirm/see whether you can help me or not.

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Re: Isofruit
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 05:50:11 am »
Hey thanks for making this questionnaire. It's like a roller coaster: some people write very nicely about the campaign others not that nicely, heh. Both ways are fine.  :)

I was having a smile while reading the opinions you had. Especially the story part.

Indeed there are many things and everything will be explained sooner or later one way or another. It's nice to give some hints to the player how things could be . Remember that races have different opinions about different things. Some have more accurate information some not that accurate. So don't start to believe everything immediately.

I see I have a problem with difficulties, well for the next version I'll see what I can do about it.