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Re: The perfect spells for phodom(from my point of view)
« on: July 14, 2011, 01:09:35 pm »
I personally think a slightly different set of spells is best for Phodom.

1. Avatar - Because in addition to buffing tanking skills and being a life saver this move helps with digging and other strength challenges. And the damage of area attack doesn't scale up based on any stats you have.

2. Meltdown - The reason I choose this power is because it will do more damage, however the reason it tends to do so much more damage is that it is affected by spellpower and thus scales nicely with your gear. I tend to think of Phodom as a spell warrior. Their is one time when I pick Impact Flare though, and thats when I try to go full stuns, it is possible to basically lock down any boss except in their boss move phase.

3. Flame Explosion - This one is a clear simple choice since both spells scale equally with spellpower this move is clearly better freeing Phodom to keep swinging with his hammer and stunning foes.

4. Aura of Fire - Although this move is Much more debatable as spellpower will help your other moves so much and might be the obvious choice for some. For me I pick this move for the extra damage and the ease it provides when lots of little mobs are spawned and smash at you.

5. Heaven's Bless (if it worked...) But since it doesn't Shield of Fire!! - I loved Heaven's Bless back when it worked the resurrection power is too good to be true and since it lasts so long you can make your whole party nearly immortal, however since it mostly just crashes the game these days Shield of Fire works well and adds a nice bit of Armor.

6. Chaotic Rift - This is a terrific spell that does a pile of damage and works out to be a great in cases where you come up against spawned adds. However, if I am going a stun build I pick Pheonix Combo because it locks the boss down allowing your cooldowns to recharge! As an added bonus if you kill a foe mid air you sometimes get to hover around mid air for a while :) Plus this move just feels a whole lot more epic!

And that's Phodom's spells in a nutshell.
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