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Re: The perfect spells for Galeoth(from my point of view)
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:47:52 pm »
*Wags Finger* Now that's where your Wrong my Stereotypical RPG Playing Friend, In Truth, Galeoth has the MOST potential to be a say "Battlemage"

Bone Chiller
Piercing Shard
Ice Mastery
Frozen Fang
Frozen Armor
That Skill Where Waves from around the screen come into the target point and smash the enemy.

Enter Combat using Frozen Armor, then Piercing Shard, then Bonechiller, and when they escape, Frozen Fang, by now your Piercing Shard has cooleddown, Use it, Now their hitting you, No worries, your Frozen Armor is popping out Ice bolts with the same effect, Ice Mastery should have Significantly Upgraded your Skills, So If their not dead by now, give it a spell or two.

Now, That 12 Waves skill that I forgot the name of, I know this might be hard to use if you didn't stack as many armor buffs and skills on Galeoth, BUT, If you were Smart and went for the Esper Elite Boss in Ch3, Oh yeah, you know where I'm going with this. This Tatic is what won me the Epic Boss, Spam Skills, Use Ultimate, Use Esper, Finish Ultimate, Smash whoevers still alive.