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Re: The perfect spells for Fradz(from my point of view)
« on: July 19, 2011, 04:47:32 pm »
Nice discussion indeed. The forums needs some serious business like this. Anyway I'm here first to lurk and then asking about few things:

- Should I make Flash Strike like Teleport Strike when you have 100% evasion(so it would be that useless ability)?

Here are some abilities I'm gonna add to 1.6a or 1.6b to give you more pleasant abilities you desire:

Instant Slash

Fradz teleports behind a target enemy unit dealing damage and giving it Stagger for 5 seconds. If the target is under the effect of Bleed, the ability deals 25% extra damage. |n|c00FEBA0EHotkey: Z. |nType: Target. |nCast time: 0. |nCooldown: 8 seconds. |nEffect increases with level and agility. |nCalc: (abilvlx75)+(agix5)


With swords and stubbornness, Fradz spins around rapidly dealing damage to enemies in a narrow area. While spinning, gives enemies Bleed for 3 seconds. Fradz can spin for 5 seconds until he is exhausted. |n|c00FEBA0EHotkey: C. |nType: Activate. |nCast time: 0. |nCooldown: 20 seconds. |nEffect increases with level, agility and strength. |nCalc: ((abilvlx100)+(agix5)+(strx5))/5
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