Author Topic: The perfect Fradz  (Read 7875 times)


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Re: The perfect spells for Fradz(from my point of view)
« on: July 18, 2011, 02:58:13 pm »
That's why I recomanded to not use Lightning mastery in this combo.It brokes the whole combo and make Fradz weaker somehow
Blade Dance
Lightning Ball
Lightning Mastery
Speedy Boost
Teleport Strike.

I tend to enter combat with Discharge and Blade Dance on, I use Lightning Ball when I'm low on hp, Lightning Mastery helps to make Lightning Ball really flesh out its true potential, In cases like the CH2 Epic Boss or just when I'm low on hp (Fradz for me has lower then 1k hp in ch2, I piled into agi) I use Speed Boost to get away from dangers, such as the instant kills that the Epic Boss would normally do to me, I use Teleport Strike if Speedy boost isn't there, and I need time to use a potion.

Tends to work out well, But it always keeps me on the edge, With that low HP, Any hit can kill you.