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Re: The perfect spells for Fradz(from my point of view)
« on: July 17, 2011, 12:50:33 pm »
Agree with you for most point except one
Spell 5-Hydro shell and Speed bosts are good , evry one with is own advantages and disadvantages , yet we understand that Lightning Bless is the strongest of all:D.While it's area heal and area buff ,  it's good for keeping all the party stronger and safer.With this spell all your stats will be increased , making you to deal more dmg for the other spells

I think speedy boost is the best here for DPS and fast escape, it's also prove useful while you in a huge map like chapter 6. It's also good for early chapter since Fradz hp and mp recovery is low as hell. The most important thing is: it greatly increase Agility which effect Fradz's Teleport Strike greatly.

I usually use this combo: Invi Strike -> Speedy boost -> Blade dance -> Teleport Strike

Speedy boost will speed up your hp and mp recover help you and your party during blade dance, and recover some mp for the ultimate, if you do this right, teleport strike will finish before the speedy boost run out of time. If you combine this with Siphon life combat king, you have nothing to worry about Fradz.
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