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Re: TCO - Final Cut - Save Game and Guide
« on: July 14, 2020, 11:29:19 am »
Hello all the people who play Warcraft Reforged, but then decided to downgrade to 1.27 just to play this awesome campaign.
I played this map a long time ago, since it's still alpha/beta. During this covid19 I had so much free time so I decided to dive into this again. I have the save file and an updated version of all the tutorials / guides / helps you can find in this forum or on Hive forum. Hope it can help you all somehow.

Here is the save, both profiles don't use any give up:

Profile 1: it has lots of resources
Profile 2: game completed only once on horecard (because of censorship lol), it has less resource, but still, enough for having all the fun

To use this, follow the steps below:
- Create a new Warcraft profile, or just use the current one, but you may risk overriding your current WC3 campaign progress
- Paste the files I sent to that profile folder, probably just TheChosenOne file is enough, but I'm not sure so I copied both file
- Go to the TCO - Settings mission, and choose "Load from the end"

And here is the spreadsheet that contains all the help you need:

I also recorded my horecard run without giving up, but too lazy to do all the merging / uploading because it's GBs in size per video. Maybe I'll upload it in the next outbreak???
Anyway, I couldn't reach Aero since he finished this map. I hope everything is OK for him and he will publish his book soon.

Any idea on how to get this to work? Copied all the 3 files in my Profile 1 folder under Save Folder, using version 1.30.4. Didint show up in game.
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