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Spell build Item build, gold management
« on: July 12, 2017, 10:26:33 am »
So if you play this campaign for the 1st time without give up and any save files, you probably think how the hell i can finish **** mode. You'll be fine progressing this campaign until you meet some "that you think" unbeatable bosses. 

Most beginner mistakes is have wrong spell build and buy some useless items that doesnt worth that much. This campaign have limited amount of gold and experience so you must build your heroes efficiently to reach maximum potential. Some bosses can be beaten using strategies and minimal items, but some bosses need some spesific items, spells build and, combat kings to defeat.

This is my own build and tips that i use for 1st playthrough **** mode.

Item builds

In this campaign you can only have some maximum amount of gold, so you need to buy items that NEEDED. When i mean needed, it means that this item can be combined later, give you some advantages later, or help you defeating bosses.

Dont buy anything if you still can progress the campaign without that item. Use any items that gained from drop to finish the chapter. Dont buy anything unecessarily. Ex : at chapter 1 you can buy fire cloak and shadow armor, but it doesnt give you stats growth or anything and you dont need it to beat spesific boss either so dont buy it.

Buy any items that increase your stats permanently.
Example : jewel of health, andenaj I II III, Miraga,maragath,archeon > Francisca, Mana ball
This items give you advantages along the campaign, so buy it sooner the better. You dont need weak items that give you advantage for 2 early chapters when you can finish it without it.
This stats modifying items are so powerful my phodom have 750 bonus HP + 12 str at chapter 1 only

Items that increase gold drop is really valuable, equip it whenever you can and obtain it as early as possible. Ex : golden idol, golden claw, golden trophy

Sell anything that you dont use. See the item list walkthrough to know which items can't be combined and have weak attributes. In the end of chapter 2, i have around 5k gold from selling items.

Sell spellbooks for early chapter gold advantages.
Example at Chapter I : I sold my volcanic fissure so i can buy andenaj and ruby axe.
Chapter 2 : sold lightning level 2 spell to buy topaz axe and andenaj.

Spell builds

BEST spell In my opinion
Phodom must have skills : colossal slam, heaven bless, chaotic rift
Phodom good skills : Meltdown, blazing fury
Builds : for early chapter you wont need area attack that much, but later on, colossal slam is really good because of misses and area stun.
Choose the holy cross bonus, it give you +1 luck (because the other items dont do that much IMO)

Fradz must have skills : invisible strike, blessing of lightning, teleport strike
Fradz good skills : thunder, scissor stab, flash strike, ligtning orb passive(increase mana regen and magic resistance)
Fradz early chapter is the hardest because he is so weak, maximizie your invisible strike and single target spells for assasin type fradz in early chapter. Choose sword of haste bonus, the attack speed from this item is devastating.

Galeoth must have skills : inner light, magic convert
Galeoth good skills : frozen fang, magical hammer, illusion army, frozen paradise, seal of resurection
Choose opportunist bonus for +1 luck.

Combat kings :
Most heroes need resurrection and magic resistance combat kings maximized. For fradz and galeoth you can give em magic torment too.
 The main goal of this campaign is staying alive first, kill the enemies second. So, prioritize defensive type combat kings like parry, siphon life, magic resistance, resurrection, especially in early chapters which bosses hp in early chapter isnt regenerating that fast.
A lot of bosses do signficant unblockable magic damage like nyrxz chapter 7 elite boss. So this combat kings will help you staying alive.
Some bosses cant be killed if they have mana so you need to burn em with magic torment.

This is general idea of how i can complete the campaign. For spesific bosses you can ask me here for the best build and strategies
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Re: Spell build Item build, gold management
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 01:43:16 am »
These are some great tips! But I will add in that if you want to beat the game in one attempt you need to know what your end game item build will be and how to build. That way you can make sure you don't miss out on some important but obscure item.

So an item progression guide like your list for chapter 1 and 2 throughout the game would be very useful : )