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Re: Little item sentences
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  • Javelin: A powerful, albeit generic, javelin made for legionnaires of Balgaron.
  • Death Spike: An iron-tipped spike said to have been used to impale hundreds of criminals and civilians alike. The sight of this weapon being carried around is enough to scare away minor ghosts and monsters.
  • Doom Sword: A sword dropped by a monster from another dimension. Its otherworldly blade can cut through everything, even a tomato.
  • Omega Orb: Tales spoken of a horrible monster that lurks within Icy Mountain, kidnapping and draining the life of brave adventurers that dare set foot within its territory. This orb is said to contain their very essence for the monster's own usage.
  • Mana Ball: A magnificent orb made of pure mana. A single ethereal touch of this item can bring about inner peace.
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