Author Topic: Little item sentences  (Read 7119 times)


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Re: Little item sentences
« Reply #30 on: January 07, 2012, 03:55:38 pm »
Fire Stone:Ashes to ashes!
Lightning Stone:Don't hold this when near treess.
Ice Stone:Ready to start a snow fight?
Poison Stone:Stick it in a beer and see the result yourself.
Dark Stone:I now have nothing ...but REVENGE!
Excalibur:Every sword in the hand of king Arthur will become Excalibur...well , this one is mine.

Sword of Light:A sword from the deep heavens.
Sword of Darkness:A sword drawn from the shadows.
Ultimate Sword:The first step of becoming an Overgod.

Orb of Banishment:Foul servent of the shadows , I will banish you to the deepest pits of Hell...just after the call down is over.

Angela Belt:Mother Nature may bless you!
Whip of Nature:Move sclave...cut down that tree.
Ring of Wild Life:Someone had a really "wild" life before he or she dropped this ring.
Branch of Rejuvenation:That lumberjack is a bastard.
Holy Stump:HOLY.....Oh wait , I can't curse.Hmmm....HOLY STUMP!
Mana ball:What can I say...A wizzard did it!
Javelin:It will pierce your soul if you don't sharpen it!

Emerald Javelin:The best excuse when you broke an emerald.
Ancient Leaf:This leaf is uncommonly big.
Windy Staff:Don't you love too see all the branches move when facing some wind?

Plate Shield:You can't broke it unless you are a pitcher.
Nature Shield:Protects you from a lot of things...such as leafs , rain drops and all kind of arcane magic.
Jade Cloak:Leaving no trace!
Mother Earth:Hey , mommy , the apocalypse is comming!"Don't worry kid , I got the bombs"