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Re: Little item sentences
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Dragon Amulet: An amulet of a fallen dragon. Its strange shape is considered sacred among the Dragons.
Why does it always has to be a dead dragon? How could you know that it wasn't i.e. stolen from him?
In fact, if death is such an important ingredient, why not add 'a spice' of it on every item?

Boots of Speed: An old, dusty pair of a fallen farmer's boots.
Boots of Great Speed: A pair of a fallen hero's brand-new sneakers.
Spiked Club: An old-fashioned club of a fallen ogre with spikes on it.
Greedy Armor: A fallen bounty / treasure hunter's chest armor.
Pete's Pipe: Pete the Fallen's pipe.

Dear God...
A Dragon Spirit dropped this item anyways. So I think it is safe to assume that it is a FALLEN Dragon's amulet.
  • Shadow Cloak: Best for cosplaying that famous assassin!
  • Steel Round Shield: In the past it was a trash can's bottom. Now it is a shield!
  • Axe: An axe with a rather blunt edge.
  • Flame Bracelet: Due to its fiery nature, it is not recommended for prolonged usage.
  • Speedy Gauntlets: Gauntlets rumoured to render weapons weightless.
  • Omega Gloves: Wicked gloves used mainly for psychic torment.
  • Magical Diadem: Once upon a time, a beautiful princess wore this.
  • Azure Visage: A strange mask that is often used for trolling.
  • Endless Potion: An ancient bottle containing a powerful healing salve. How can it refill itself and defy laws of physics is still a mystery.
  • Platinum Ring: How can you wear this during combat without breaking it?
  • Whip of Nature: A legendary archaeologist is said to be its previous owner.
  • Restore Life: A fancy-looking staff that blesses your life force.
  • Restore Mana: A not-so-fancy-looking staff that blesses your mind.
  • Skeleton Cape: A black cape great for Halloween. Only $10.99 with free shipping.
  • Windy Staff: A wooden staff imbued with wind magic.
  • Wind Booster: A dandy-looking tornado-shaped sapphire jewel. Sought after by various wizards and sorceresses alike.
  • Holy Seal: O Lord, bless this Your seal, that with it Ye mayen slay Your enemies.
  • Skull of Chaos: A skull-shaped stone recovered from a ghost. Users may experience supernatural phenomena upon invoking its power.
  • Mage Armor: An armor frequently worn by mages. Hence forth its name.
  • Juggernaut Armor: S-Class armor made for giants. Avoid dropping on feet.
  • Deadly Knife: A knife so sharp that only looking at it will ... Ouch!
  • Ring of Tides: This ring shall unleash the tides of doom upon those who would oppose you.
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