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Re: Little item sentences
« Reply #15 on: December 12, 2011, 06:54:24 am »
  • Boots of Speed: An old, dusty pair of boots. Handle with extreme care or they will torn themselves apart.
  • Boots of Great Speed: Brand-new sneakers! If you look closely, there is a label warning "WINGS FOR DECORATION ONLY". Guess you cannot fly with these.
  • Spiked Club: An old-fashioned club with spikes on it. Gruesome.
  • Quasch Claws: Who needs animal heads as trophies? These are much more useful.
  • Tzitorin: A spear made from ... No, not Neosteel, this is not ... Just iron. I-R-O-N.
  • Greedy Armor: Wear this when you go beachcombing. Maybe you can find a treasure chest!
  • Exepede: One small step for a man, one giant- STOP POKING MEEEE!
  • Pete's Pipe: Pete's pipe. His pipe. Nothing more nothing less.
  • Angel's Gift: I'll be back.
  • Ancient Leaf: A leaf preserved through the ages. Its magical nature is still shrouded in darkness. Unless you are a botanist, stop here.
  • Dragon Amulet: An amulet of a fallen dragon. Its strange shape is considered sacred among the Dragons.
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