Author Topic: Little item sentences  (Read 6626 times)


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Re: Little item sentences
« Reply #15 on: December 02, 2011, 03:44:35 pm »
Power Hammer:It's hammer time!
Aegis Shield:A shield infused whith a huge ammount of magic.
Holy Cross:God , bless you!
Family Picture:There is Phodom ...Birgitta ...Zell...Mathias....Dart....Who's that hooded one?
Sword of Haste:I'l strech their eyes yout!
Book of Regeneration:Ch 1/500 - Basics about regeneration...
Scope of Magic:Actualy , pirates can't use this so good.
Lucky Dice:6!
Icy Crystal:Oooh , the shape!The magic!The epicness!
General's Badge:Hold the line you dogs!
Cloak of Ice:A cloak should warm you...
The Opportunist:I'm always on the winning side

Boots of Speed:Swift and fast!
Gladius:I break for nothing!
Lucky Clover:1, 2 ,3 ...and 4!YES!
Widger Queen's Ring:I wonder how can a windger wield this...
Jade Ring:Shiny
Ankle Ring:When you loook at it , you see magic!
Flame Bracelet:Oooh , now that'z a firee!
Magic Gauntlets:I feel magic in the air.
Dragon's Heart:Am I supposed to eat this?
Decimator:The weapon of a champion
Mana Ball:Made with pure mana.
Golden Claw:I'mHAtheHAbiggestHAlooserHAinHAthisHAworld's own claw
Ring of Tides:I come to you now , at the turn of the tide!
Death Spike:Erm..Is Death still using this?
Blood Price:50 bucks , mate!
Skull Shield:Just when you look at this shield , you notice it has a skull on it :O.
Cursed Blade:My sword can shut down armor ...and flesh!