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Re: Little item sentences
« on: October 21, 2011, 02:13:53 pm »
First son:Oh my son!My first son!I will grant you power , women , gold!
Second son:I love you too my son!I will grant you  women and gold!
Third son:I will not forget you my son , i will grant you lots of gold!
Three sons:What the hell?I didn't knew i had siamese twins...

Banana:Eat it like a monkey and you will become JUICY!
Cheese:You stink!
Bread:Look at me now God!I am eating the holy food!
Piece of meet:Today our chicken died , a sad day indeed.
Pie:Stoled from grandma.

Power hammer:Phodom's favorite hammer.When Phodom Killed his first dragon , blood lust and power raged within him!
Sword of haste:The left or the right?
Magic cristal:It's fragile!

Holy seal:Homeless people's salvation!
Holy stump:Some old ranches from some old forest in an old map drawn by  Aeroblyctos the old.
Health gem:Behind me.
Mana gem:In front of me.
Mega gem:You don't want to know where , seriously

Vulcanic fissure:A nice book.
Fire ward:Ho-ho-ho-HOT!

Aero:If you have this item , you won.
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