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Re: Little item sentences
« on: September 02, 2011, 06:02:58 am »
I liked these:

Hero Drink: The name, of course, is a euphemism.
Glass of Sludge: A thick, viscous ooze, just like mama used to make!
Wooden Round Shield: A round shield made of wood. Pretty light, but offers only some small protection.
Gilmax: A solid, powerful axe made for rending armour.
Killer's Armor: A tough, durable suit of light armour made from the hide of some large, hardy beast. The spikes give it a rather barbaric look.
Stogo Helmet: A generic helmet, sometimes worn by young heroes.
Orb of Stats: A magical orb that gives fighning skills in every aspect.
Zwill Blade: The name comes from the original blacksmith who created the sword. Nowadays the sword is quite popular for it's low price compared to it's powers.
Master key: A magical key that can be used to open almost every type of doors in around world of Oelivert.

I didn't like half of Chimto's jokes and some of Blackdoom's texts were too long. I prefer one to two sentences. I still have that maximum item cap description.