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Re: Little item sentences
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:50:23 am »
I will post only sinthies:D.
Orb of Stats-A magical orb that could provide perfection in every aspect
Zwill blade-Zwill was a beginner dragon slayer that died without the luck of his jade ring.If his ring is united with a milthril saber , the blade of Zwill shall be assembled  once more.
Ring of Rejuvenate - A young priest named Alithini , had 2 rings , one from his father , and one from his mother.After they died , the 2 rings becamed one , wich Alithini hold his entire life.
Restornation Blet-A blet of a strong moonk that lived near the Icy Mountains.
Master key-The key that can open each kind of door.Crafted by the first Thief in the Olivert.
Aerial Shoes- He, who wield the shoes , will walk with a speed beyond the limits.
Improved Fire cloak-A young ressident of Kar'Gath crafted the improved version of the fire cloak.
Demon's Stiletto-The demon that disobeyed the dragons died by the hand of himself , thus his poisonous items can still be found.
Ring of Great Rejuvenate-With the aid of the Mage Guild , the ring that Althini held becamed powerfull every day.
Orichalcon-Zwill convinced his moonk to give him the blet he wield just before Zwill died.After his death , the blet conbined with Zwill blade , becoming a stronger artefact.
Ring of Mega Rejuvenate-Alithini died killed by a strong emerald dragon , witch improved the ring.Alithini's soul has been kept in the ring , making the ring so strong that the dragon couldn't wield it.
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